Welcome to the University

Uva Wellassa University, an entrepreneurial university was established with a clear vision, highlighting the theme of value addition to the national resource base. All our academic programmes are multi-disciplinary and focused on entrepreneurial education. The Faculty of Management aims to produce smart, dynamic and entrepreneurial graduates, who can offer cutting-edge solutions to the problems of the contemporary business world. Being attached to the Faculty of Management, The Department of Management Sciences offers a four-year degree; Bachelor of Business Management in Entrepreneurship and Management. Undoubtedly, the current classroom sessions with a heavy theoretical background are insufficient to produce entrepreneurs with such qualities. To conquer this challenge, the Innovation Dashboard has been proposed by the Department of Management Sciences under the Activity 03 of AHEAD-ELTA-ELSE Departmental Project, –as a solution to encourage entrepreneurial and innovative skill development through research projects, community based projects of both academics, students, copyrights, patents and etc.

The Innovation Dash Board encourages the development of entrepreneurial and innovative skills through research projects and community based projects while providing practical exposure on entrepreneurial and innovative skills. The main purpose of dashboard is to enhance students’ entrepreneurial competencies such as identifying and assessing viable business ideas, new venture creation, resource planning and evidence-based decision making. In this regard, it has been identified the need of providing practical exposure on entrepreneurial and innovative skills as it is important to produce skillful entrepreneurs.