'' Fresh smile'' Transparency facemask

''Fresh Smile'' is a transparency mask that will facilitate people to communicate easily and protect from the pandemic. Nice protection can joy our customers.

Peo lamp bottle candles

We are not ordinary candle company. We develop creative bottle candles and incredible home styling pieces, party decorations, wedding decorations, other functions as well as encouraging you to be your most fantastic self.

Barley Havana

Barely Havana is a made from barley grains. It is blended with other ingredients to provide an energy and nutritional source. Barley Havana is available in two sizes. They are 180ml pack and 250ml bottle. Our Barley havana product has lot of benifits for the customers. They ar...

"Greenish" bamboo drinking straws

"Greenish" is bamboo drinking straws that are produced by 100% natural bamboo canes. These straws are an eco-friendly and human-friendly solution for reducing plastic usage among human beings while contributing to environmental protection. "Greenish" is a recyclable, reusable, an...